Occupational Therapy

Facilitating growth through individualised therapy.

and Melville OT is unique in that we look at the child’s development is impacting on their:

  • Play – both independent and with others
  • Use of their hands and tools
  • Movement of the body through space
  • Gross motor coordination and motor planning
  • Social interaction
  • Classroom performance
  • Relating to others
  • Sensory Processing
  • Anxieties, emotional regulation and sense of self.

Assessments Include:

  • Developmental history and information gathering 
  • Standardised and non-standardised assessment 
  • Discussion with caregiver and goal setting 
  • Written short summary with an option of a full report

Intervention may include:

  • Sensory strategies to modify behaviour and reduce anxiety
  • Use of activities and sensory-based equipment to facilitate change
  • Use of play based interventions
  • Strategies for home and school
  • Cognitive strategies including Zones of Regulation, Alert, Superflex Walkabout and Best Programs
  • Task analysis and adaption
  • Auditory intervention (iLs, SSP and TL)
  • Intervention is always developmental, meeting the child where they are at.

Our approach is “top down” and “bottom up” using cognitive strategies and movement-based activities. Therapy is embedded into the child’s world. Evidence supports this method.