Empowering individual growth and development in a supportive environment.

Melville OT is an NDIS provider for Early Childhood Supports and Therapeutic Supports

We work as a team using best practice to meet NDIS practice standards.

This ensures that the client and family are in safe hands.

The caregiver is at the centre of consultation and goal setting.

The child is assessed in context of function, the child’s environment and linked to the parent’s priorities for their child.

Parent goals are reviewed and graded as the child develops.

Goals are embedded in optimising ability within that child’s social and community involvement.

Melville OT follows the National Guidelines of Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention.


We can work with your child at:

  • Home: Embedding skills into everyday life as recommended by ECIA.
  • School Based: Including liaison with the Teaching staff to ensure maximum integration and development. 
  • Clinic Based: Allows the opportunity to work using the sensory Integration gym, play based activity, and interaction with other children to increase intensity to the intervention. This allows social skill development with other children.
  • Consultation: Collaboration with all professionals involved with your child, as evidenced by bests practice. Progress works best when school, home and therapy services are pulling together.
  • Team approach: Despite being an OT only service, we form teams with other therapies around the child to provide support services to meet the complex needs of your child.