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About Melville Occupational Therapy

Melville OT, your partner in enhancing your child’s development and well-being through individualised and tailored Occupational Therapy services.

We are proud to offer a team of caring Occupational Therapists committed to providing the best for your child.

Choosing the Right Support

With over two decades of experience, Melville OT has been supporting children’s development in Perth and rural Western Australia.

Our caring team of Occupation Therapists are committed to providing the best for your child and are encouraged to develop special interests, ensuring better outcomes in the services and support that we can offer.

We pride ourselves on Melville OT being a safe and supportive community where all staff and clients can grow and flourish.

Empowering Children to Thrive

At Melville OT, we specialise in helping children grow and embrace their uniqueness. We offer a variety of auditory interventions, including the renowned Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) programs, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Therapeutic Listening (TL)

Through close partnerships with local schools, organisations, and professionals, we help children flourish with the tailored support they need.

Our History

Melville was set up by Jean Loth (OT) in 2001 and the reins were handed over to Alycia Keys (OT), a long time employee of the practice, in 2022. The practice is now owned and operated by Alycia and her husband Gordon.

Alycia and Gordon added a sister company, Calming Kids Australia to the mix in 2023. Calming Kids Australia is a long running online store selling therapy, sensory and educational products. The store was initially established by a parent, Diana Young in 2006.

Vision Statement

To be inclusive and supportive to our client base, delivering the best outcomes for your children within the context of their family and cultural background.

To provide an environment to our families where they feel safe and supported and; to lay the foundation for your child’s future.

Mission Statement

Melville Occupational Therapy and Extra Lesson ® for Children have serviced the children of metropolitan Perth and country Western Australia for over 20 years. Our ongoing purpose is for each child to have better skills in their chosen goal areas, covering their physical, social-emotional, leisure and functional skills.

This will be ensured by:

  • Employing and training skilled and empathic Occupational Therapists and administrative staff.
  • Providing a well-resourced private practice.
  • Applying evidence-based practices.
  • Evaluating the child’s progress and modifying goals and intervention accordingly.
  • To be inclusive in our approach.
  • Advocacy for our children and their families.
  • Gathering like-minded professionals around the child to meet their needs to maximise progress.
  • Providing an efficient and valuable service allows the business to be viable for those children who will see us in the future.

Support for Your Child

We offer a variety of programs to support children in improving their skills, including:

Clinic-based interventions.


School therapy sessions.


School consultancy.


Home programs.


Extra Lesson™


Auditory Interventions (including the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) programs, the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Therapeutic Listening (TL)).


Ayres Sensory Integration (ASI) based assessment and intervention.


Cognitive interventions.


Emotional regulation interventions.


Dysgraphia assessments and recommendations.


Workshops for parents and schools.

Looking for therapy sensory and educational products?

Shop online via our sister store, Calming Kids Australia

We're a NDIS Provider

Melville Occupational Therapy has been privileged to have been working in the disability scene now for 10 years.

As an NDIS provider, we can help ensure value for money with interventions that support the development of your child's functional independence and quality of life. We currently provide services for NDIS participants that are self managed or plan managed.

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