We see children who have concerns with:

  • Attention concentration
  • Sensory Processing/ Modulation Disorder
  • Coordination
  • Muscle tone and posture
  • Listening skills
  • Visual motor integration
  • Auditory and visual memory
  • Hand writing skills
  • Anxiety, behaviour and social skills
  • Play skills

We provide clinic based, school consultancy, and home programmes.

The Extra Lesson™

Extra Lesson™ is a movement based programme developed out of Rudolf Steiner’s approach to human development and education by Audrey McAllen, a British Steiner Teacher. It is primarily aimed at helping children and adolescents with learning difficulties. Extra Lesson supports and facilitates physical and psychological development of the child. It can be used for the gifted child as well as the struggling child.  


Other Services Offered:

Therapeutic Listening: A home based programme using headphones and modulated music which addresses sensory processing difficulties such as difficulties with:

  • Bodily rhythms (sleep routine, bedwetting day time, alertness)
  • Auditory and tactile sensitivity
  • Difficulty staying on task
  • Fidgety behaviour
  • Auditory processing

Sensory Processing Workshops: For teachers and parents on how to deal with sensory processing difficulties within the school structure and at home.