Melville Occupational Therapy and Extra Lesson put 8 children through the Integrated Listening System’s Safe and Sound Program in April 2018. This program delivers filtered music through air conduction headphones using only vocal music. The focus of this program is on the middle frequencies which in turn supports language, emotional regulation and anxiety.
The parents filled in the Measure of Foundations of Abilities questionnaire before and after the program and each parent was interviewed afterwards.
Results are Summarized Below
Only two questionnaires could be used due to missing data. Of these one reflected no change and the other demonstrated changes in Social Emotional and Organization/Attention by 41 and 4 percent respectively. This client had already been using the iLs home program.
Of the interviews (7), the following observations and comments were recorded:

  • “We connected this holidays more than we have before”
  • Using more language than before without echolalia
  • Communicating his needs with more joining words. (eg “Milk, cup, Mummy please”)
  • Sleeping better (2 children)
  • Showing empathy (eg cried during the sad piece of the movie)
  • Reacting appropriately to his mother’s emotions
  • Laughing appropriately with a funny story (Green Eggs and Ham)
  • Reduction in anxiety and emotional fragility noted (2 children) also noticed by the teacher.
  • Listening to reason when he is upset and then emotionally regrouping.
  • Demonstrating more affection towards his mother (hugging her differently)
  • Handling change better
  • More chatty, less reserved.
  • Able to tolerate the noise of the building going on next door to home.
  • Got on better as siblings than was normal
  • Not annoyed by things that normally would annoy him.
  • Unusual vocalizations had settled to being almost non-existent.
  • More confident in his abilities.

This is a very small sample to be making observations but as we continue with offering this program each school holidays we will add our observations to this article. We are happy with the changes that were noted. We feel that the program works the best when it is used in conjunction with other therapy support such as the iLs program, counselling or Occupational Therapy.


Jean Loth,

Advanced iLs Practitioner June 2018