There are many different pencil grips that have been designed to assist children to hold their pencils in a functional way. It is important that the right pencil grip is selected for the child’s individual needs. This is assessed by an Occupational Therapist. The use of the grips must also be closely monitored to ensure the child is using it correctly.

This is by no means a comprehensive list; I have only chosen a few favourites. They are all suitable for both right and left handed children.

The Pencil Grip is ergonomically designed to support the finger and thumb in a tripod position while also increasing the surface area of the pencil.The Crossover Grip  is designed with a barrier to prevent individuals from wrapping their thumb around the pencil. It promotes a tripod grasp and an open webspace (area between the index finger and thumb) for dynamic finger movement.

The Stetro is a small pencil grip which provides visual cues and indentations so that individuals can achieve an efficient tripod pencil grasp.

As wonderful as pencil grips are, I do prefer a minimalist approach whenever possible and they must not be used in isolation. An Occupational Therapist will also provide fine motor activities to promote a functional pencil grasp and to improve hand strength and finger dexterity. I believe it is important that young children (6 years and below) use thick writing implements which provide a larger surface area for their little hands. An efficient pencil grasp must be encouraged through demonstration and fine motor activities.

Updated January 2022
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