Melville Occupational Therapy and Extra Lesson® For Children


JeanLoth: – B Ap Sc (OT), SIPT cert, Grad Dip Educational Studies (Learning Difficulties)

Jean graduated as an Occupational Therapist in 1979.  She began her career in Psychiatry and moved to adult rehabilitation.  She began working in Pediatrics in 1997 and set up Melville Occupational Therapy and Extra Lesson R for Children in 2001.  In 2008 she went into partnership with Gillian Baker to develop Sound for Life, a service for children and adults with a focus on sound stimulation. Jean’s motivation in working with children has come from her own personal experience as a parent of three children. Her clinical experience has demonstrated that  Sensory Integration and Extra Lesson R is a powerful tool to treat children in a fun and motivating way.

Jean has been on a constant journey of professional development. Her foundation of neurology and neurosurgery has laid a strong knowledge base for her understanding of sensory processing. Her passion for treating in a holistic manner has resulted in her doing training in Sensory Integration and praxis testing, Extra Lesson, Therapeutic Listening, Floor time, Symbolic Play (Karen Stagnitti), PRPP and recently the Integrated Listening System. Jean has an interest in research to support evidenced based practice. She herself has been involved in four pilot studies. She relies heavily on her own clinical experience to deliver best practice. Jean has aspired to deliver a boutique service to her clients with a focus on the therapeutic triad of the child, parent and teacher to deliver lasting benefits of intervention. Hence laying the foundation to their future. She has a healthy vision to preserve childhood.  She sees her role is to empower the parent with knowledge and technique.  She believes that deep down the parent always knows what is right for his or her child.