Where's the Evidence?


I had belief and trust in the service during a very confusing and unclear time in my life as a parent. I felt that I was doing something for my child to help her. Jean was so willing to help my child she really did go that extra mile. Above all I felt that she understood and listened to my concerns and showed me great empathy.

My son attended Melville Occupational therapy over 10 years ago. We saw a vast improvement in his school work. He became confident in his reading and writing skills. He is now a happy adult and loves his job.

The sensory work that your team did with my daughter greatly improved her in every area. The attention that my daughter got from Jean improved her confidence and she is willing to have a go mentally!

Our son is now much stronger in his will, finished tasks and his self esteem is much better. His concentration has improved. He is much more grounded, grasping concepts and improving in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

We are so pleased to have found Margot she prepared the sessions and they where well thought out and specific to my child’s needs. Margot was able to bring him back on track by gentle steering rather than aggressive discipline. Care was taken in the words she used respectful, helpful but never patronizing. She presented the session in a way that made learning fun. The session sits well with our chosen Steiner schooling and our general parenting approach they genuinely do care. Thank you for giving my child the opportunity to experience the wonderful work that you do.

He is a calmer boy, much less aggressive and reactive; he doesn’t stand out as ‘the angry boy’ anymore. He has more self control and is less extreme in his emotions, he can calm down quicker than before and without running off.

After treatment my child has greatly improved. Thank-you for your kindness and willingness to listen, I found that very comforting. All of the staff communicates well to both parents and children.



As clients you would be aware that Western Australia is transitioning its disability services from WA NDIS under the Disability Services to NDIS.
Existing WA NDIS clients are transferring over in an area rollout. Eligible clients will need to call NDIS or go through the NDIS web site under http://ndis.gov.au/people-with-disability/accessing-the-ndis  . Alternatively, if you are an existing client you can go through your LC. There is a tentative rollout timetable on the Disability Services Commission web site. Further to this, if your child is between 0 to 6 and has a disability you can access NDIS services for Early Childhood Early Intervention. At this stage there appears to be only one contact office for this which is Midland. Once again we will need to wait and see how this service unfolds. The assumption is that there won’t be a gap in services and you will continue to be looked after by your existing services whether it be WA NDIS, HACWA or Better Start or DSC.

Meanwhile, our advice is to look up the website and ready yourself for the steps to take for when NDIS is rolled out in your area.

The advice pared down is:

  • Ready yourself with your child’s personal details, their current support details, how you manage your child’s every day activities and note any safety considerations.
  • Ready yourself with reports to validate the disability (see website for details eg permanent impairment that impacts on daily functioning). These reports can be from your GP, your specialist, or your Allied Health Professional (OT, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist or Psychologist)
  • Plan your goals for your child to facilitate best outcomes for development, and participation in daily life and community. Consider what do you need for safety, activities of daily living and development)
  • Think about how you want the funding to be managed. (Self-managed, with you or a nominee as the coordinator, through a registered plan manager or through NDIA)

After you have been in contact with NDIS and your area is being rolled out you will be contacted by a planner by phone or by a visit and the process will begin.
We can help you:

  • By helping you determine your goals for your child based on assessments that may have had done and by previous intervention.
  • By walking you through the steps
  • Please don’t be overwhelmed as each step and each question is taking you closer to meeting the needs of your child.

Updated April 2018