10 sessions over 2 weeks of 1 ½ hours duration.

Groups are small with a high staff ratio.

Parent goals are sorted at the beginning and a short report will follow the end of the groups.

Our experience shows that when a child is exposed to therapy with intensity (10 sessions in two weeks), there is marked change in skills, strength and confidence.


We don’t have a web service for our products as we prefer to fit your needs with our expertise. However we do stock at our rooms:

  • Sensory products made by Calming Kids such as
    • Weighted blankets
    • Weighted lap bags
    • Weighted vests
    • Lycra garments
  • Snug calming clothing to be worn to support sensory concerns made by Calming Clothing
  • Disco sits
  • Wedge cushions
  • Writing aids and pencil grips.
  • Books on sensory and parenting
  • Scooter boards
  • Peanut balls (gymnic)

Please free to call us or email your requests and enquires and we will support your needs in relation to your child or yourself.