Groups are run through the summer holidays. Each group is small with a maximum of 6 children.

Parent goals are sorted at the beginning and a short report will follow the end of the groups.

Our experience shows that when a child is exposed to therapy with intensity (10 sessions in two weeks), there is marked change in skills, strength and confidence.

Types of groups:

Kids Boot Camp:

10 sessions of 1.5 hours over two weeks. The intensity creates greater changes than can be achieved with weekly OT. Addressing gross motor, fine motor skills and sensory processing.

School Readiness:

10 sessions over 2 weeks to address all the skills needed for school entry (Kindergarten and Pre Primary)

Hand Writing:

10 sessions over 2 weeks to address hand writing, hand strength and dexterity, and upper limb and core strength.

Social Skills:

10 sessions over 2 weeks to develop the skills necessary for engagement and interaction with others.