10 Year Study


In 2011 we asked this question in a survey to our clients.

Analysis of these responses revealed that the greatest change occurred within the first weeks with the effect holding past therapy and past 12 months,

Changes noted were:
97% had a change in motor skills
97% noticed change in handwriting
80% noted changes in muscle tone.
83% noted change in motor planning (praxia)
97% noticed a change in how the child behaved in their sensory environment.
Improved in their ability to develop and hold friendships.
96% ‘matured emotionally
90% had a reduction in anxiety
97% were more confident.
80% were more confident and a reduced number of ‘meltdowns’ and anger outburst
85% had more patience and were able to ‘wait’
86% were more persistent in their approach to tasks

Comments noted in the Survey were:

“Much more outgoing and confident child”

“Now he can concentrate for 20 to 30 minutes easily”

‘Is more aware of his feelings”

‘Has more empathy for others”

“Her teacher asked me what I have done to make the change”

Comments That Reflected a Change in Skills

Writing: Noted improvement in speed, neatness, flow and accuracy

Hand dominance became definite.

Fine motor, gross motor skills, running, use of a ripstick, endurance and stamina, posture, balance and coordination especially noted by other parents in sport settings.

Sensory processing changes such as able to eat a greater variety of food, able to handle noisey environments, reduced tactile sensitivity, calmer, less meltdowns, able to handle messy play, reduced sensory seeking behaviour, ability to sit still.

More flexible with routines, less extreme emotions

Clients noted changes in their child’s organizational skills.

Improved academic work particularly in ability to differentiate sounds, ability to concentrate, to avoid distraction of others, improved reading.

Comments on Professionalism

“Friendly efficient staff”

‘Staff were good listeners”

“Jean is a genuinely caring and interested person and enthusiastic”

“Very professional”

“Friendly and approachable”

”Great staff and assessment. 100% child focussed service”

“The children feel special when they visit the centre”

“The children feel valued…”

“All staff can communicate with children and parents”

“Professionalism, tailored programme, friendliness”

“Invaluable guidance”

“Used the child’s own interests, flexible creative therapists”

“Have seen great results”

What the Children Have Said Over the Years

“This is good for me” Age 4

“I used to be a nobody now I’m a somebody” Age 12

Referring to OT sessions “This is to stop me feeling sad” Age three.